From the desk of Executive Director Nepal is worlds one of the most beautiful country known for its diverse geographical features. People belonging to different castes, religion, culture and most importantly the colossal natural beauty gifted by the Mother Nature has helped it to be special and exceptional from other countries. These features have turned out to be both benefits and detriments to the Nepalese society because even though the country is geographically and culturally rich, the people living here are still lagging behind in education and development due to their norms, values, cultures and geographical layout. In order to address this issue me and my friends, established Kathmandu Training Center in July 2002 with the aim of training and educating people especially from the rural and urban areas so that they are able to contribute something for the development and welfare of the country. During the 20 years period KTC has been able to address these issue to some extent and has been moving forward to strengthening the communities which are still in need of guidance. Comparing Nepal from twenty years and now we can see the difference by ourselves that the living standard and life style of the people has upgraded to a higher level. In context of country like ours, the pace of development is gentler. Though there are many approaches in this matter, strategies may differ. If we adopt the measures used by other countries regarding the development that would just be an extension, but what we need is a strategy that would benefit Nepal in the process of development in a sustainable way. We believe in Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach which enlightens us about the fact that we should see the positive sides and make it our strength rather than the negative sides. Kathmandu training Center believes that every people no matter where they are from have the equal capabilities. So, In order to guide them and help them know their strengths and weaknesses KTC has been conducting 18 month social mobilization course for 20 years now. Other than this KTC also conducts short term training packages and has got the opportunities to work with many renowned organizations in Nepal.
Raj Bahadur Giri
Executive Director
Kathmandu Trainng Center