From the desk of Training Coordinator

Twenty years ago I along with my colleagues had envisioned an institution which would offer different trainings and skills to the youths of rural area for the development of rural communities. As a result Kathmandu Training Center was established in June 2002. KTC had the privilege of getting affiliated with Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), a government body in Nepal. We have been conducting 18-months Social Mobilization Course for 20 years. The sole objective of the training center is to mobilize the unemployed youth from rural areas of Nepal in developing the backward communities and developing mind sets of the people from those communities. After completion of 18-month training the social mobilizers are able to mobilize the community towards development. Within 20 years KTC has produced above 700 committed social mobilizers. At present these social mobilizers are serving in rural and urban areas through various organizations, Microfinance, GOs, NGOs, and INGOs. Many of them are employed by the various Rural Municipalities and Municipalities of Nepal Government. In addition some graduates have become entrepreneurs for various businesses employing many other people.  Besides these we also have been conducting Short Package Training for developing competent human resources. We have been designing short package training after the need assessment process and training course as per the demand of other organizations. Kathmandu Training Center has also worked in collaboration with different organization to conduct the short package trainings. KTC has always succeeded in conducting wonderful training packages with friendly and encouraging environment.
Padma Shakya
Training Coordinator
Kathmandu Training Center