Kathmandu Training Center (KTC) established in June 2002, has privileged to get affiliated with Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), a government body. The sole objective of this organization is to mobilize the unemployed youth of rural for the development of Nepalese communities. To produce such development cadres KTC has conducted 18 months course on “Social Mobilization” which has been conducting since 2002. We believe on ‘Community Development through Social Mobilization’, which has also being paying attention by the Federal Government of Nepal. This organization has been addressing the issue by graduating the youths of rural and disadvantaged group of communities as Social Mobilizers.  The course of community development and Social Mobilizer is a 18-month long as prescribed in the curriculum of community development and social mobilizer, by CTEVT. Often this course and the cost involved in it comes out to be very expensive for average students here in Nepal. Further the targeted course participants are poor, marginalized, orphan, and those who are from the remote Karnali Province and Sudur Pashchim Province of Nepal. 

The social mobilization course was developed upon the consultation with the professionals working in this area, subject matter specialist and curriculum experts, under the supervision of CTEVT and TITI through the DACUM process. Thus the approved course tries its best to do justice to produce human resource who can actually contribute their best at grass root level.

KTC has already produced about 650 competent Social Mobilizer within 20 years for rural community and enhance the capacity of current development workers are included as major activities of Kathmandu Training Center. They are working in different GOs, NGOs, INGOs, Micro Finance Development Bank, Private sectors as well as development sectors and political sectors in Nepal. Social Mobilization course consists of 12 months theoretical and daily practical and 6 months On-the-Job Training. The main responsibility of Social Mobilizer is to empower the community people for transformation of society.

Vision, Mission , Goal & Objectives

To establish as a reputed community development and resource center in Asia.
To produce human resources in community development through research, training and education.

  • Enhance the capacity and skilful human resource through research and training.
  • Standardized curriculum for producing competent social mobilizers.
  • Enhance the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach throughout the country by using various tools techniques & practices.
  • Establish network with national and international institutions working in community development sector.


  • Conduct Social Mobilization (SM); TSLC (Pre-diploma) level 18- month course.
  • Conduct training and research in development field.
  • Support different organizations to enhance capacities of human resource in development & research.
  • Provide employment opportunities to youths focusing on economically and socially deprived & isolated group.
  • Encourage the educated unemployed and underemployed people to develop their capacity.
  • Establish network with national and international institution working in social development sector.